Welcome to Baan Makhaam!

The site was an 5 rai (2 acres / 8,000 sq.m) pineapple farm, elevated 2-3m above the surrounding area, that caught the prevailing breezes, had a clear view across to the Sam Roi Yot Mountains to the south, and sunsets to the west.

Located between Hua Hin and Pranburi, close to the end of the Hua Hin Bypass, Baan Makhaam is only 2.5-3 hours from Bangkok, 20minutes to Hua Hin center, 5 minutes to Tesco or Makro Pranburi. The land is still relatively rural, surrounded by pineapple farms, and goverment land, with views of the Sam Roi Yot mountains in the National Park.

Property is on a single freehold title (Chanote), with both town water to the house, and bore water to the gardens.

With only neighbours on the east side, privacy and peace are guaranteed!

Over the last 6 years we’ve been improving the land.  From a pineapple field which was sprayed yearly in 2005,  no chemicals have been used since.  In 2012 it would qualify as organic land.

Our philosophy for the land was to follow Permaculture principles.  Improving the land, stopping water and topsoil run off, composting, and generally allowing it to be a productive place.    Some areas are planted with nitrogen fixing trees, which should be replaced with productive fruit or timber trees in the next year or so.

At present we are eating our own coconuts, jackfruit, bananas, beans, and broccoli.

Much of the land is planted with mixed species of fruit trees, including mango, banana, coconut, papaya, cashew, lemon, lime, Chinese orange, jackfruit, Roseapple, Mayom, and more.  Some vegetable gardens have been developed growing broccoli, tomatoes, pak kana, wingbeans, long beans, etc. There is a small dam stocked with fish that is fed with run-off from 50% of the land.

All plant waste is composted, and grey water is used in gardens. There is a 2m cement rendered CPAC fence around 50% of the perimeter.  Owner can complete prior to sale if required.  Plenty of additional fencing materials are on hand for use in keeping livestock, chickens etc.

There is the option to retain local housekeeper and gardener.  Sale includes lawnmower, brush-cutter and general equipment needed for maintaining the gardens etc.

Space has been reserved for a pool, with plenty of area to add a small guesthouse or other building by the pool.  In addition, there is still a lot of room for either keeping animals, a tennis court, or whatever you desire.

As much as we love it, our house is now for sale.  

You can contact me directly at with any questions, or go through Plus Property in Hua Hin.   

If you are interested in buying a property in the Hua Hin or Pranburi area, with a huge amount of space (2.5 acres / 5 rai), and the opportunity to put your own ideas into your new home, then Baan Makhaam is going to be a house to consider.

If you are thinking of having animals, doing some small scale farming, want your own tennis courts or just like eating fruit from your own trees, then take some time to view the photos above.  The opportunity is there, ready for your ideas.  (actually the fruit trees are already there – last week we cut an enormous bunch of bananas and a huge jackfruit).

If you would like to see photos of the house now, view tab 3 above.

Tab 2 shows the original land.

Tab 4 shows the Plans, Site and Construction photos which can give an idea of the history of the house.

The house is 6 years old.  We designed it to suit the site – to catch breezes; to ensure that we caught the view of the Sam Roi Yot mountains especially at sunset; to be a family home where we could live outdoors as much as indoors   –  even in the rainy season.

Designed by the owner and professionally drafted by Backup Design Architects. The house was designed to incorporate features of the Australian Queenslander home, which is typically used in areas that have a similar climate to Thailand.  In particular it has:

  • Plenty of double sliding doors and windows to allow breezes to pass through every room and high ceilings.  There is excellent ventilation.
  • 2-3m wide verandahs and additional 50cm roof overhang prevents sunlight from hitting the external walls minimising heating of the house.

The design also acknowledges the Thai traditional house, in separating living and sleeping areas from each other.

As a result of the design features, the house remains at a stable temperature all year, and although air conditioner piping is installed in each bedroom, it has never been necessary to fit air conditioning units.  Fans provide ample cooling, which helps keep the running expenses of this house quite low.

The kitchen and living areas are huge, with vaulted ceilings so high there is a 6 x 4 meter home office on a mezzanine level above the kitchen.  The three regular bedrooms are all 5 x 5 meters whilst the master bedroom is closer to 6 x 8 meters, with a 5 meter ceiling height!

Wood floors throughout give it a warm and inviting feeling, instead of hard cold tiles that are cheaper but uncomfortable to walk on.

If cramped living is not your style, we think you’ll like this house very much.

The house is located

  • close to the end of the Hua Hin Bypass.
  • 5 minutes to Pranburi Tesco, 10 minutes to Makro,
  • 10 minutes to the best beach in the Hua Hin area (it’s still a secret beach!),
  • 20 minutes to Hua Hin center.

As hard as it is to leave our dream behind, now due to work, we need to relocate.   Email me or call, and don’t be shy to make an offer.   Serious offers will be considered.


By jeff